The ICON brand is not only about form, technique, or vision. It is the insightful thought and inevitable outcome of strategy. We adhere to the concept of excellence, focus and change.Through tenyears ofbrand polishing ICON has a mature team with strong coordination, communication and promotion capabilities, and ranks among the top digital vision suppliers in the world.
    In the last 10 years, more than 300 well known clients and tens of thousands of projects have built up the extraordinary strength and solid reputation of ICON.
    Led by top technical and management talents with 10-15 years of experience in the industry, ICON has a complete project system and professional know- ledge system.
    We are progressing in study, combining traditional art, film art, conceptual design, photography and other art forms to create a very distinctive artistic style.
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    ICON, founded in 2010 and based in Shanghai, now has around 100 employees. ICON's specialties areconsist of rendering, 3D animation, Multi-media, virtual reality, etc.
  • Professional Business Team
    High-quality works and efficient cooperation depend on the process management of our professional business team. We will wholeheartedly provide high-quality services for you and your projects.
  • Film/Real Estate Animation
    We have a team specializing in real estate animation, including planner, director, and visual artists who work on render, special effects, and editing, to provide you with the most complete service
  • Architectural Concept Painting
    Our artists adopt digital painting technique to lead the team's artistic style. At the same time, clients can reviewthe drafts more quickly.
  • Architectural Visualization
    Each designed building has its own shape, color, texture, temperament, concept, and even cultural heritage. We are not only satisfied with completing the tasks you have assigned, but also hope to ublimate the deep aesthetics in your design.
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Our Work Flow
In additional to the final quality, process control is also critical to the client's experience with us. When a project starts, we will go through the information as a team to fully understand the project and client's expectation. Whenever we receive comments, team will also review together and feedback with questions if anything is unclear. Before any draft is sent out, both the artist and team leader will check through to control the quality and make sure comments are correctly addressed.
The difference between architectural expression and art is that it can accommodate more functionality In the process of collaborating with customers, we draw inspiration from each other, and many excellent works were born
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