ICON, founded in 2010 and based in Shanghai, now has around 100 employees.ICON's specialties areconsist of rendering, 3D animation, Multi-media, virtual reality, etc.
The key members possess solidbackground and profound experience in the field and have accomplished over a hundred projectsincluding those of office, mixed-use, sport, education, etc.Some major projects that ICON has parti-cipated in are, but not limited to, Shanghai Tower, Hongqiao Hub Planning, Shanghai Expo, Beijing CBD, International Competition of Urban Design for Guangzhou International Financial City, Suzhou Tower, Nanjing WTC, etc. Most of our clients are from USA, Australia, China, Singapore, European Countries, etc.
With professional techniques and rich experience in large projects, ICON is helping designers to convey their ideas and creativity, which facilitates effective communication with their clients.
With sincerity, we are looking forward to cooperating with you and building relationship!